About Us

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We were fortunate enough to have our founders and many other team members once work for Infusionsoft. Our time there caused us to “catch the software bug” and develop a passion for helping small business grow. We do this by helping small businesses identify the exact levers in their business that can be manipulated to increase top line revenue and decrease costs.

We’ve been been building custom API reports for almost 6 years now. We eventually productized some of these reports into a small software application. Since then we focused our efforts on building Graphly, a web-based software solution for viewing your Infusionsoft data in the form of visual charts, reports and graphs.

We are pleased to be the only solution on the market that allows users to view and manipulate reports right from with in their Infusionsoft account, or on their tablet or smart phone.

We’ve seen other platforms and competitors pop up along the way, but all have fallen short of Graphly’s functionality and have have yet to have achieved the depth of Infusionsoft integration that only those intimately familiar with the platform can accomplish.

Simply put, we have yet to meet an email that we can’t parse. Our product is top-notch and our customer service is world class. We hope you’ll join our growing family by creating a free account today.