Integrating Graphly’s Web Tracking with Infusionsoft Order Form

This article will cover integrating Graphly’s web tracker with an Infusionsoft order form.

Step 1: Select Your Order Form

Inside Infusionsoft navigate to the order form you want to add tracking to.

enter the settings of your order form

Then click the HTML Areas tab.

click the thank you page tab

Step 2: Paste the Graphly Script

You can add the Graphly web tracking script to any of the areas, but generally you will have script in the header. This being the case, it’s most logical to paste the tracking script into the footer.

click the html areas tab and past into the custom footer

Click the Save button for that area and then head over to the Thank You Page tab. Select web address in the dropdown menu.

on the thank you page select web address and check the box below

Then paste the url of your thank-you page into the URL box and check the Pass contact’s information to the Thank You Page box.

check the pass contact's information to the thank you page box

If you are using Infusionsoft’s thank-you page, switch the dropdown menu to Thank You Page and click on Snippets.

change to thank you page and click snippets

Drag the HTML snippet onto the very top of the page and paste the tracking script inside of it.

drag an html snipped on the canvas and past the graphly script

Click Save and you’re done.

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