Web Tracker & Square Space


This article covers integrating Graphly’s Web Tracker with Square Space. If you haven’t already watched the video or read the article on using the Graphly Web Tracker with Infusionsoft Web Forms, the link is above.

To begin, click on “Settings” on the sidebar.

Then click on “Advanced” under the Website section.

Now click on “Code Injection” on the sidebar.

Paste the Graphly Tracking code into the Header section here.

Click back to the main menu and then select “Pages“.

Choose the page that you want to put the web form on.

Hover over the content and click “Edit“.

Then click on the “Add Block” button.

From here select the “Code” block.

Paste the Web Form that is provided by Infusionsoft here.

Click the “Apply” button at the bottom right.

To finalize your settings, click the “Save” button.