How to Track Webinar Visitors in WebinarJam or EverWebinar

This article will instruct you on how to add the Graphly Web Tracker to your WebinarJam or EverWebinar pages, allowing you to track webinar visitors and gain insight into their visit.

Log in to WebinarJam/EverWebinar

To begin, make sure you have WebinarJam or EverWebinar selected on the toggle. Then click Edit on the webinar you would like to add the tracking script to. Click the Edit option from the drop-down.

Toggle for webinarjam and everwebinar and click the edit button on your webinar
click edit from the dropdown that appears

Navigate over to the Integrations section in the center of the modal.

click the integrations menu item from the top of the modal

Click the Pencil Icon on the Integrate a 3rd party tracking system bar, which is the third option down.

click the pencil icon next to the integrate a 3rd party tracking system option

Then click the Embed your custom tracking code on the right.

click the embed your custom tracking code option on the right

Connect with Graphly’s Web Tracker

Place the following code into the Registration Page Tracking box and replace the eight X’s following account with your custom account code in your Graphly Tracking Script.

    (function(g,r,a,p,h,l,y){g['GraphlyTracking']=h;g[h] = g[h] || function(){
    (g[h].c = g[h].c ||[]).push(arguments)},g[h].t=1*new Date();
    (window,document,'script','//', 'gfly');
    gfly('account', XXXXXXXX)
    gfly('infContactId', '~Contact.Id~')
    gfly('time', 13)

$(document).ready(function () {
    var registerIframe = '';
    $('body').on('click', 'a.regbutton', function (e) {
        var interval = setInterval(function () {
            registerIframe = $('iframe#regpopFrame');
            if (registerIframe) {
                var formExists = registerIframe.contents().find('form[name="registerForm"]').length;
                if (formExists) {
                    var form = registerIframe.contents().find('form[name="registerForm"]');
                    form.submit(function (e) {
                        var email = registerIframe.contents().find('input[name="email_address"]').val();
                        if (email.length > 5) {
                            gfly('infEmail', email)
        }, 100)
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 30000);
replace the eight exes in all caps with the webtracker account number found in your own script

Then copy the code you just edited and paste it into the rest of the boxes below the one you just adjusted. There should be 3 more.

repeat the steps above for the rest of the pages

Lastly, click Save down at the bottom of the modal.

click the save button at the bottom of the modal

Congratulations! The Graphly Web Tracker should now be on all the pages associated with your Webinar, and you can begin to track webinar visitors.

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