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Where Performance Is Measured, Performance Improves.

Where performance is measured and reported the rate of improvement accelerates.


Monitor website traffic, record dynamic lead sources, measure funnel conversions, tweak, improve & repeat.


Track individual sales rep performance, forecast revenue, view gross & net revenue numbers.

Customer Service

View net promoter surveys, fulfill on orders, improve retention rates, deliver & satisfy.

Popular Reports

Tag Funnel

Displays the number of contacts in a list of tags over a given date range.

Tag Applied

See how many tags get applied to contacts during a period of time.

Lifetime Value

See the trend of the current lifetime value of your customers throughout a time frame you choose.

Opportunity Forecast

Forecast the adjusted revenue of active opportunities based on the stage probability.

Appt|Note|Task by User

Show the appointment, notes, and tasks for each user to compare them to each other.

Compare Tags

Compare the number of contacts with tags to each other or to your entire list in a pie chart.

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