This is all the legal jargon our attorneys make us include on our website. 
They apparently think people actually want to read this stuff.

Billing Policy

As with any software, you are going to be billed for your Graphly account (unless you have a lite plan, of course). While we are super passionate about giving you actionable insights into your CRM and marketing, we still need to keep the lights on by making sure you get billed in a fair, timely manner. Details of how and when you will be billed, including what happens if the payment isn’t successful, are included in this policy.

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Long hours and many energy drinks were spent building Graphly so that you can learn more about what’s really happening inside of your sales and marketing. You could say it’s kinda like our baby. As the developer, we have rights to protect our baby. As the customer, you have rights to use our baby (that sounds weird, but that’s the analogy we’re rolling with). The details of those rights are included in this End User Licensing Agreement.

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Cookie Policy

How do you know when your 4-year-old snuck a cookie? Because of the cookie crumbs all over their face and hands. Similarly, when you browse the internet or use internet applications such as Graphly, your actions leave or create pieces of data called cookies. How those cookies are generated, stored, and used are detailed in this policy.

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Privacy Policy

By giving us your information, it’s kind of like we are becoming buddies. But despite how much we like being buddies, we aren’t going to brag about it to the world or sell your information. All those details are included in our Privacy Policy.

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Data Processing Addendum

Because we were forced to comply we jumped on the GDPR bandwagon (see the next policy), we also have a Data Processing Addendum to detail the security controls we have in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data inside of your Graphly account.

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Data Security Statement

If our Privacy Policy wasn’t fun enough, grab a bag of popcorn and take some time to read our Data Security Statement. This document details how we handle private data in rest and in transit, whatever that means.

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If you know about GDPR, you may be wondering if we are compliant. The simple answer is, yes, Graphly is GDPR compliant. We understand the seriousness of GDPR and spent a painstaking amount of time making sure we are squeaky clean. If you want a more complex answer, click below for a not-so-entertaining read.

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