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Spark Friendly Competition and Drive Results with a Sales Leaderboard

Jarrod Morris
Spark friendly competition among your sales team with Sales Leaderboard gamification.

A Simple Tagging System for Infusionsoft or Keap

Chett Coombs
Here’s the truth: Infusionsoft’s reliance on tags is amazing but also a kick in the

Email Marketing 101: The basic steps to growing your email marketing ROI

Chett Coombs
It doesn’t matter if you sell car parts on an e-commerce website, sell actual cars

Keap (Infusionsoft): Create Dynamic Marketing Reports

Chett Coombs
So you bought Keap, or better yet, Infusionsoft. You have a sweet landing page for

Keap (Infusionsoft): How to Create Detailed Sales Reports

Chett Coombs
Finding the right key to business success can be a lengthy discussion, but one thing

Keap (Infusionsoft) Reporting: How to calculate LTV & CAC

Chett Coombs
Years ago, at a different software company, we were interviewing VC firms with hopes of

Export New Customers Report

Jarrod Morris
You can now export New Customer and New Customer Value reports to PDF format! Simply

5 Business Metrics You Need to Track in 2020

Jarrod Morris
In an increasingly analytical world, you’ve got to know which metrics to pay attention to.

Taking a Look at ROI: How Are Your Marketing Efforts Paying Off?

Jarrod Morris
Marketing is an extremely important element of your business’ success. At the same time, marketing

5 Important Sales KPIs to Track

Jarrod Morris
If you aren’t using KPIs then you’re probably living in the dark when it comes

5 Reasons Why Business Dashboards Are An Excellent Tool for Your Company

Jarrod Morris
Large and small enterprises stand to gain a lot from using modern business dashboards. These platforms

What's an Acceptable Churn Rate for SaaS Companies?

Jarrod Morris
How good are you at keeping your current customers? You need to know the answer. The success of your SaaS business depends on it.

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