A Simple Tagging System for Infusionsoft or Keap

Here’s the truth: Infusionsoft’s reliance on tags is amazing but also a kick in the pants. Using tags to segment data as well as firing automation gives you a lot of flexibility, but it can also turn your application into a mess really fast.  How to properly use and organize your tags is a common … Read more

Track the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Taking a Look at ROI: How Are Your Marketing Efforts Paying Off?

Marketing is an extremely important element of your business’ success. At the same time, marketing is changing all of the time, and digital marketing is difficult to understand if you’re new to it. Your marketing efforts might not be appraised in dollars and cents anymore. At least, not at first. That makes it hard to … Read more

infusionsoft netflix popcorn

Use Infusionsoft like Netflix

Right now you might be wondering, “is Infusionsoft getting into the business of streaming video?” Or maybe the title of this post made you wonder, “is some division of Netflix using Infusionsoft?” Well I’ll tell you…

email marketing benchmarks

Email Marketing Benchmarks

“Say, what’s the average number of opens and clicks I should see on email?” – said every client we ever consulted over the last 10 years. Marketing agencies and consultants reading this post are chuckling to themselves right now because they’ve undoubtedly heard this question from almost every client for whom they’ve ever built an email campaign.

If you’ve asked that question yourself and have had a consultant immediately fire back with a figure, well, that figure was likely inaccurate. Our answer was always, “it depends.” It depends on industry, company size and list age and origin and so much more. There is no standard open rate. There is no standard click-thru rate. There is no standard bounce rate. There is no standard opt-out rate, etc. Or is there?

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