Use Infusionsoft like Netflix

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The answer is actually neither. I put together a video to explain exactly what I mean. Watch it below.

YouTube video

How about you? Do you know your target audience inside and out? Where do they come from? What do they love? What do they hate? What inspires and motivates them? What are their biggest fears and challenges? What problems keep them up at night? Are you equipped to provide solutions to those problems?

Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing a report that digs deep into your Keap database and returns a list of your very best customers. By best customers I mean the ones who spend a lot with you, often and very recently. It’ll show you the most common lead sources, tags and custom field values that these customers share. On the opposite end of the report, you’ll also have a grouping of your very worst customers or at least the customers who scored the lowest, meaning they spend very little, very infrequently. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what commonalities they share?

What would knowing this data do for you? Would it allow you to move confidently forward on opportunities that your competitors perceive as too risky? Would it remove guess work in your advertising efforts? Would it help you create better lead magnets? Would it guide you to creating better products?

Obviously the answers to the questions above are yes, yes, yes and yes. But right now those insights are hard to get at using just Keap. That’s why we built Graphly. Graphly mines the gold stored deep inside Keap so you can make game changing decisions based on reliable data, just like Netflix did with House of Cards.

Stop by again tomorrow to check out this report. It may become one of the most valuable arrows in your marketing and sales quiver.

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