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Let’s kick this thing off by including an update we recently sent out via email:

Since winning the 2015 Battle of the Apps Competition at ICON, we’ve been cranking on new reports, new features and overall enhancements to Graphly.

Here are just a few you should be aware of:

Tags Applied
In this report you can select a tag(s) you wish to track over a given date range.

Tags Applied Gauge
In this date range report you can set a goal for the number of contact records to have tags applied, choose from a single tag, a list of any tags, or must contain all tags.

Lead Sources By Tag
Want to know what lead sources are responsible for the highest application of a specific tag? Choose the tag you wish to measure, and we’ll display the lead sources most responsible for getting it applied.

Drill Down Data
Our integration with Keap just got tighter. With just a couple of clicks you can see a list of the contact records representing any particular data point, and even click through to the Keap Contact Record. Watch the Video.

We’ve got more exciting things we’re working on and will send you another update at the tail end of next week.

Happy Charting,

Team Graphly

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