Introducing Leaderboards

Leaderboard reports have arrived! This morning we introduced a new genre of reports in Graphly. We call them leaderboards. A leaderboard is a stack rank view of top performers. “Top performers of what?”- you might ask. Well that depends on the leaderboard report ;)

Watch the video below to see what these new reports can do.


Contact Leaderboard

Use this report to rank contacts based on standard field values or custom field values stored on the Infusionsoft contact record. Determine the leader based on counting contacts, using the numeric or currency value of the selected field, or sum/average the values of another field.

contact leaderboard

Tag Leaderboard

Use this report to rank tags that are applied during a specific date range. Either choose the tags you wish to compare or have Graphly return the most commonly applied tags.

tag leaderboard

Leaderboard Feedback

Now that you’ve seen this new report type in action, how will you use leaderboards in your business? We have a handful of additional leaderboards we’ve scoped out and intend to build. What leaderboard should we tackle next? Affiliate? Sales? User? Other? We’d like to hear your feedback. Let us know in the comments section below.

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Happy Charting!


  1. says

    The leader board is great but i need a timer that toggles between selected boards. I post the boards on a big screen and want the board to automatically toggle between a few different boards so the team can look at all the business stats. For example a timer that would toggle every 30 seconds or min. through selected boards.

  2. Sarah says

    Okay, I read your post and thought, “cool.” But today I finally got around to playing with these reports. They are NOT cool. They are freaking amazing! And I can’t wait for your other ones to come up. I would be most interested in a User Leaderboard (seeing who’s updating records, etc.) and a sales (opportunity) one. Keep ‘em coming guys.

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