Net Revenue Report and Address Criteria

We have a lot of users utilizing the Gross Revenue report template, many of whom have expressed a desire to pull out line items so they can arrive at a number that more closely reflects what they’re actually keeping…in other words – Net Revenue.

play videoNet Revenue
The net revenue report allows you to include/exclude refunded invoices, subtract out shipping, taxes and cost of goods. From there use additional options and criteria to create reports specific to tags, sales reps, locations and much more.

Address Criteria
You can now filter results displayed in reports by the City, State, Postal Code or Country from any of the following 3 address sections in Infusionsoft including: Contact Billing, Contact Shipping and Order Shipping. You can search by a single city or state, or multiple. Watch the video above for an example of this. We’re excited about the ability to create location based reports with this criteria. We’ll be rolling the Address Tab out to our other existing report templates soon.

Gross Revenue Report
We went ahead and updated this particular template after building out the Net Revenue report template to also include criteria like tags, products, affiliates and more. Not to mention, we added the ability to click the data and have it display a list of contact records and order records in a scrollable light box. From there you can click the individual contact record or order record to be taken directly to it inside of your Infusionsoft account.

Lastly, great progress is being made on the cloning functionality we mentioned last week. So far it’s looking like users will be able to copy an individual widget to a dashboard, or even copy (replicate) an entire dashboard. Hopefully we’ll have something to show you by the end of next week. Until then, happy charting!

Team Graphly


  1. Zeyad Ramadan says

    Great update. I would love to see graphs based on actual paid/purchased rather than just invoices. I’ve seen that there could be a huge discrepancy in the numbers between these two.

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