The New Criteria Builder for Keap Reports

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Over the last 6 years I have given that piece of advice, literally hundreds of times in my consulting efforts at Marketing Mavens. You see the biggest failure to launch is due to the ‘launchers’ pursuit of perfection. Well, over the last 6 months (especially with Graphly) I’ve had to ‘take my own medicine’ so to speak. Here’s what I mean… I have a crystal clear vision of how I want Graphly to look, feel and function. I have a list of more than 50 report templates we’ve identified but haven’t built and 10 core features we’ve yet to develop.

But if I waited for the platform to be perfect, we wouldn’t have launched in March this year (and won Keap’s Battle of the Apps Competition). Heck, we still wouldn’t be launched today (and would be missing out on a ton of recurring revenue).

Today is a day of vindication. We’re now on our third iteration of how users configure criteria when building a report. Alas, the current status of our new Criteria Builder is aligning with the user experience Dustin and I had envisioned from the get go.

For us, this is no small update. It’s a huge milestone in our product road map. So with out further adieu, I proudly present today’s update:

Criteria Builder Sneak Peak

What’s Next?

I’m so glad you asked 😉
Version 2 of the Criteria Builder will allow you to additional define criteria from the Keap order record, opportunity record, referral partner record and maybe even the company record. Once all of these records are in place, the reporting possibilities will be endless.

In addition to the Criteria Builder, we’ve been working on a covert project that involves a set of TOP SECRET reports that will positively disrupt the entire Keap community. While my lips are sealed as to what we’ll be releasing, I can at least share with you when we plan to release it.

August 26, 2015

Mark your calendars…on Wednesday the 26th we’ll be making our biggest announcement yet. If you don’t hear from us here on the blog or in the Keap community much between now and then, don’t worry, we’re not going dark. We will however be heads down designing, developing and documenting the upcoming release.

Rest assured, you’ll still be able to connect with us via email, chat and phone if you need anything at all.

Happy Charting,
Team Graphly

P.S. After testing out the Criteria Builder on the Leads reporting template, please send your feedback via email to support [at] Thanks!

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