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That feature: list segmentation – (specifically tagging). It’s a shame too because there’s more untapped profit in your Keap database than you can possibly imagine because to some degree, you probably haven’t segmented your list as much as you should. Let me explain…

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We’ve all heard the gurus say, “the money is in the list,” placing a big emphasis on lead generation and building a list of prospective customers. Is the money in any old list? Or are there qualifications? If someone gave me a list of 5,000 contacts and said, “here you go, make some money,” I’m not sure I could do it. At least not with out knowing more about the list. What’s common amongst them? Where did they come from? What pains are they currently experiencing? What action have they taken so far? Did they inquire about something specific? – and a whole lot more.

Now, if that same someone gave me a list of contacts and said, “Here’s a list of Keap Users. They’ve all owned Keap for one year or less. Most have stalled or plateaued and feel lost as to what action steps to take next toward growth. They’ve all built out saved searches on their Keap Dashboard but lack the direction or insight as to what will really move the needle in their business. They’re looking for visual reports that are easy to use and are fully customizable to individual businesses.

Do you think that list would be of value to me? Could I monetize it? Heck yes! BTW, if you have a list of 5,000 contacts who meet this criteria, let’s talk 😉 Only kidding.

Point being, did the people on the list change? Not at all. They’re the exact same people, who came from the same place, have the same commonalities, experience the same problems, took the same actions, are asking the same questions. Here’s the difference: in scenario 1 I didn’t know this data; in scenario 2 I did. And all of these data points can easily be recorded using Keap Tags. Tags allow me to send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Keap Tagging

It sounds cliche, but I’ve seen great segmentation double and even triple marketing funnels when coupled with the right automation. Automation in of itself…garbage in, garbage out, right?

Since you have been or will soon be stepping up your tagging game, let me share our newest report with you:

Play Infusionsoft Tag VideoTag Totals
This report shows the total number of contacts who have a specific tag or tags. See a snapshot of the present count, or restrict the results that get returned by specifying when the tag was applied.

For those familiar with our already existing Tags Applied report, Tag Totals is similar, but still different. The 2 major reasons you’d use Tag Totals over Tags Applied are for instances where you want to look across all time regardless of dates and when you just want a single column that provides a tag sum versus seeing that same tag broken down over daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Check it out, have a play and let us know what you think.

Next in Queue

How would you like to easily identify your best customers? We’re working on a killer revenue report that may just become my personal favorite. We expect to have it wrapped up for you this coming week. Until then…

Happy Charting!

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