Time Zone Support is Here!

Earlier this year Infusionsoft introduced a few updates to how saved searches perform for users across different time zones with in the same application. One thing that remained the same was that regardless of the time zone selected with in the UI, Infusionsoft still records all timestamps stored in their database in EST. Up until this point, Graphly has used the EST timestamp to establish the start and end of days. If your time zone happened to be EST, life was good. Otherwise, this standard approach used by most reporting tools presented challenges for users outside of the EST time zone. [Read more…]

Pipeline Progression & Digression

pipeline progression

When it comes to managing a sales team, you’ll want to first ensure effort is being put forth by each sales representative to work his or her leads. Once that’s covered (Graphly has some great reports for measuring effort) you’ll want to take a close look at effectiveness. After all, efforts don’t pay the bills, results do. Have you ever asked, “what happened to those deals we had in the pipeline last week? Or last month…or last quarter, etc.” If so, you’re not alone. Today we’re releasing two new reports that will supply you with the answer to that question. [Read more…]

Comparing Opportunity Stats

While a picture is worth a thousand words, there are times when multiple pictures next to each other can muddy the waters when the intention is to clear things up. We often see dashboards that utilize the same report template with varying criteria per report for multiple side-by-side reports. The most common instance of this occurs when managers are attempting to compare the performance of sales reps to each other. [Read more…]