comparing-opportunity stats

Comparing Opportunity Stats

We often see dashboards that utilize the same report template with varying criteria per report for multiple side-by-side reports. The most common instance of this occurs when managers are attempting to compare the performance of sales reps to each other.

grouping tags bag

Grouping Tags

Over the last few years there have been a handful of reports that have remained dashboard favorites for our users. Two of which are Tags Applied and our coveted Tag Funnel. Today we released new versions of these reports that include grouping tags together for different purposes. Watch the video explanation to see how you can put these new reports to good use:

revenue reports bar graph

3 New Revenue Reports

Today’s product update is a response to numerous report requests from our customers. While we have a queue of reports we’re building determined by more than a decade of consulting businesses, we truly appreciate the feedback from our existing customer base that spans so many niches, industries and unique business models.

public dashboard

Public Dashboards Are Here!

Dashboards are a lot like hugs…they’re better shared with others than kept to yourself 🙂 That’s why we built an additional way to share your boards with others. We call this new feature “public dashboards”.

opportunity funnel

Opportunity Funnel (New Report)

Why do so many sales leaders stress over pipeline stages or the steps in their opportunity funnel? The answer is simple: your company’s sales process is the road that every prospect walks down to become a customer, and opportunity funnel stages are what pave that road. This is one area of your business that deserves both attention and intention to get right.

new customer value

What’s a New Customer Worth?

Graphly has been known for it’s order reports that give deep insights into invoices, payments, outstanding balances, subscriptions, cancellations, refunds and a whole lot more. But we were missing one thing – helping our users distinguish new customers from repeat customers. And possibly more importantly, what’s a new customer worth?

attribution reports

New Release Schedule & 4 New Attribution Reports

One of our Q1 Objectives is to improve our speed of development. We tend to work fast, but we recognize that isn’t always transparent to users outside our office walls. In the past we have tackled large feature sets that take months to develop, which can cause users to feel like nothing is happening in the product.

four attribution reports

Attribution: Over 660 Reports in 4 Easy to Use Templates

New Reports Inside! So, you’ve been using Graphly’s new Web Tracker and are discovering the value of accurately setting lead sources and utilizing the source data in certain Graphly reports. Congrats, you’ve laid the foundation for some pretty amazing insights to come your way.

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