Smokin’ Turkeys and Infusionsoft Opportunities

Happy Thanksgiving! In preparation for tomorrow, I’m sharing my coveted brine recipe and secret smoking techniques for cooking the best Thanksgiving Turkey ever. But hey, let’s talk shop first.

This last week we attended Infusionsoft’s annual conference for their partners, PartnerCon (or PCON if you’re really hip). It was by far the best PCON yet (see how hip I am?). [Read more…]

7 Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Reports

Going Back to 2012

In the spring of 2012 Infusionsoft had what has been one of its biggest releases to date. That’s when they launched “Campaign Builder”. The tool was a major disrupt from the linear approach to campaign building, propelling Infusionsoft leaps and bounds ahead of competing software services in the marketing automation space. It has been exciting to see the Campaign Builder evolve and grow in its capacity to execute highly technical and strategic campaigns with dynamic outcomes based on user/prospect/customer behavior.

It’s about to get even better. As we move into 2016 we can expect to see new functionality added related to responsive emails, responsive web forms, possibly SMS and much, much more. We use the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder in our own business and it has been a total game changer. But there’s one painful thing it’s missing: reporting and insights. While you can see how far a contact has reached in the campaign and the current position of contacts, you have no sense for opens, clicks, conversions or revenue attribution. For the most part you’re flying blindly. [Read more…]

4 New Ways to Measure Infusionsoft Appointments, Notes & Tasks

Do you have sales reps with call quotas? Do you have a customer service team with fulfillment tasks? Want to compare the performance of one user to another? Would you like to know how many appointments you had in any given date range?

Today we’ve released and documented 4 new reports around Infusionsoft appointments, notes and tasks. Each template tells a unique story and helps you measure both effort and completion. [Read more…]

Email Marketing Benchmarks

“Say, what’s the average number of opens and clicks I should see on email?” – said every client we ever consulted over the last 10 years. Marketing agencies and consultants reading this post are chuckling to themselves right now because they’ve undoubtedly heard this question from almost every client for whom they’ve ever built an email campaign.

If you’ve asked that question yourself and have had a consultant immediately fire back with a figure, well, that figure was likely inaccurate. Our answer was always, “it depends.” It depends on industry, company size and list age and origin and so much more. There is no standard open rate. There is no standard click-thru rate. There is no standard bounce rate. There is no standard opt-out rate, etc. Or is there? [Read more…]