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laser focused tag conversions under microscope

Laser-Focused Tag Conversions

Most businesses aren’t tracking conversions of micro-steps in their funnels or systems because they think it’s not possible. Does that describe you? If so, read on to see just how easy it is to measure every possible conversion.
fix your funnel reports

Fix Your Funnel Reports

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: For the last 3 years we have focused our efforts on making the best reporting tool for Infusionsoft. Today we’re ditching that endeavor in order to create the best reporting platform for the entire Infusionsoft Ecosystem. What does that mean exactly?
leaderboard reports

Introducing Leaderboards

Leaderboard reports have arrived! This morning we introduced a new genre of reports in Graphly. We call them leaderboards. A leaderboard is a stack rank view of top performers. “Top performers of what?”- you might ask. Well that depends on the leaderboard report 😉