Introducing Leaderboards

Leaderboard reports have arrived! This morning we introduced a new genre of reports in Graphly. We call them leaderboards. A leaderboard is a stack rank view of top performers. “Top performers of what?”- you might ask. Well that depends on the leaderboard report ;) [Read more…]

5 New Email Marketing Reports

Are you looking to improve your company’s email marketing efforts? Look no further than Graphly! Over the last few years Graphly has been providing valuable email metrics to the Infusionsoft community. Existing insights include the best days and times to send email to your specific list, revenue associated with indivdual emails, a break down of products sold by email, a clear view of your overall list health and grouped Sends, Opens and Clicks of campaign emails. [Read more…]

Time Zone Support is Here!

Earlier this year Infusionsoft introduced a few updates to how saved searches perform for users across different time zones with in the same application. One thing that remained the same was that regardless of the time zone selected with in the UI, Infusionsoft still records all timestamps stored in their database in EST. Up until this point, Graphly has used the EST timestamp to establish the start and end of days. If your time zone happened to be EST, life was good. Otherwise, this standard approach used by most reporting tools presented challenges for users outside of the EST time zone. [Read more…]