How to Reset a Lead Source Using an Action Set in Infusionsoft

In this article you will learn how to create an Infusionsoft Action Set that will Reset the Lead Source of a contact in Infusionsoft, allowing Graphly’s Web Tracker to set its own leadsource.

Creating the Action Set

Click on the Infusionsoft icon in the top right of Infusionsoft, then click Settings under the CRM section.

click the infusionsoft icon and then select crm settings

Click Action Sets from the menu on the left.

select action sets from the menu on the left

Click the Add an Action Set button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

click the add an action set button in the top right-hand of the screen

Name the action set and then open up the Actions dropdown menu. Choose Set a contact field to a specific value.

name the action set reset lead source and select Set a contact field to a specific value from the drop-down

From the dropdown menu find Lead Source Id and select it.

select the lead source Id option as the field

Then input a zero next to the Lead Source Id field.

put a zero in the box next to the lead source Id field

Next, check the Update Contacts who already have a lead source set box.

check the Update contacts who already have a lead source set box

Then click the next two Save buttons.

click the save button at the bottom
click the save button on the action set

Now return to your Graphly settings and select the newly created action set from the dropdown menu.

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