How to Copy a Graphly Report

This article will cover how to copy a Graphly Report. This is helpful if you want the same report, but just want tweak a setting or two without starting over from scratch or if you want to send a copy of an existing report to a different dashboard.

Step 1: Open the Settings of a Report

Start by hovering the mouse over the desired report. You will see a gear icon appear in the top right corner of the widget. Click the gear icon.

click gear icon in top right of report

Step 2: Copy Settings

In the middle of the widget settings screen you will see a blue button that has two overlapping papers. Click this button.

click the blue button that looks like two pieces of paper

Click the dropdown menu below to see a list of your existing dashboards.

select the board you want to copy it to from the drop down menu

Select the dashboard you wish to have the widget copied to.

click the board you want to copy it to

If the desired dashboard is correct click Copy.

click the blue copy button

If done correctly, a successful message will appear below your report title.

green success message

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