How to Copy a Dashboard from Another Account

This article will walk you through how to copy an existing Graphly dashboard from one account to another. This is most helpful for Agencies who manage multiple Infusionsoft and Graphly accounts.

Add a New Board

Log into the Graphly account you would like to copy a board to and click the Board icon.

Arrow pointing to board icon

Click Add Board from the menu.

arrow pointing to add board

Configure Board Settings

Select By Copying an Existing Board from the first drop-down menu.

arrow pointing to copy existing board

Select the account you want to copy the board from.

Select the account to copy a board from

Select the board you want to copy from the account you selected.

select the board you want to copy

Give the new board a name and click Create.

Name your board and click Save

Your dashboard should now be copied to the selected account.

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