email marketing benchmarks

Email Marketing Benchmarks

“Say, what’s the average number of opens and clicks I should see on email?” – said every client we ever consulted over the last 10 years. Marketing agencies and consultants reading this post are chuckling to themselves right now because they’ve undoubtedly heard this question from almost every client for whom they’ve ever built an email campaign.

If you’ve asked that question yourself and have had a consultant immediately fire back with a figure, well, that figure was likely inaccurate. Our answer was always, “it depends.” It depends on industry, company size and list age and origin and so much more. There is no standard open rate. There is no standard click-thru rate. There is no standard bounce rate. There is no standard opt-out rate, etc. Or is there?

powerful CRM tools

Powerful Tools To Supercharge your CRM

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

This derogatory statement implies that if you pursue many things, you give up achieving mastery in any of them. This is simply a myth. You don’t have to pick between being great at one thing or just mediocre at many things. You can be great at a lot of things.

9 revenue reports

9 New Revenue Reports

Yup, you read that right. We released 9 new revenue reports over the past 9 days. If you haven’t noticed each report popping into the template library one-by-one, now’s your chance to discover all of them and how they’ll help you make better financial decisions in your business.

claim your life back acronymn

Claim Your Life Back II

Some of you may have heard about the event we held this last March just prior to officially launching Graphly at ICON. It was such a huge hit we’ve (Marketing Mavens & FixYourFunnel) decided to launch the second instance of our workshop,
Claim Your Life Back.

criteria builder for infusionsoft reports

The New Criteria Builder for Keap Reports

Over the last 6 years I have given that piece of advice, literally hundreds of times in my consulting efforts at Marketing Mavens. You see the biggest failure to launch is due to the ‘launchers’ pursuit of perfection. Well, over the last 6 months (especially with Graphly) I’ve had to ‘take my own medicine’ so to speak. Here’s what I mean… I have a crystal clear vision of how I want Graphly to look, feel and function. I have a list of more than 50 report templates we’ve identified but haven’t built and 10 core features we’ve yet to develop.

opportunities won and forecasted

Opportunities Won & Forecasted

Do you have a sales team? Do you use Infusionsoft Opportunity Records in your sales process? How would you like to know how much business has been closed as well as how much business is forecasted to close in a given timeframe? What if we could break that down by rep, stage and even new vs. existing customers?

native desktop application

Native Desktop Application

First off, we’d like to say ‘thanks’ to all of you who have taken time to drop us a line or even call regarding your excitement about the Copy Widget and Copy Dashboard features we released a few weeks ago. We knew they would be helpful, but we severely underestimated the impact these new features would make with our users, so thank you for sharing that positive feedback.

net revenue report

Net Revenue Report and Address Criteria

We have a lot of users utilizing the Gross Revenue report template, many of whom have expressed a desire to pull out line items so they can arrive at a number that more closely reflects what they’re actually keeping…in other words – Net Revenue.

days between contact and order

Days Between Contact and Blank

Wrapping up the month of May strong! This last week we finalized two super insightful report templates as well as a handful of performance enhancements to make Graphly a much snappier app. I hope that after reading this post, which I’d consider the cliff notes version, you’ll continue on to our in depth videos for these new templates.

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