What is the Page Not Found Error in Keap?

When you are getting the error message Page Not Found on your Keap account instead of Graphly’s beautiful widgets. Check these steps to help figure out what might be causing the error.

Step 1

See if Keap URL has /graphly at the end of it. If it doesn’t add it and see if anything changes.

displaying /graphly in the url. page not found error below

Step 2

Check your browser extension list to see if Graphly is there. If it is not there then download the Graphly extension again. If you don’t know where to find your extension list go Chrome and Firefox to learn where to find them.

Step 3

If the extension is on your list of browser extensions check to make sure that it is not disabled.

For Chrome make sure the enabled box is checked.

graphly enabled in the extensions list to fix the page not found error

For FireFox make sure that it says disable off the right. If it says enable then select it to enable Graphly.

make sure firefox says disable

If the following steps do not resolve the Page Not Found error please contact our support team.

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