Receiving a Daily Email with your Dashboard

In this article we will teach you how to obtain a Public URL and build a looping campaign in Infusionsoft that will email you once a day with a link to your dashboard.

To begin, open up Graphly and navigate to the board you would like to be emailed. Click the “Gear” icon and select “Board“.

Click the “Public” tab and then click the “+” button to create a new public URL.

Copy the URL that was just created. Newer URLs are at the bottom. Note: You can also use the direct URL for the board instead of the public dashboard if you are wanting to send the email to existing Graphly Users.

Now log into Infusionsoft and navigate to the Campaign Builder. Click “Create my own Campaign“.

Name your campaign and click “Save“.

Drag a “Tag Applied” goal onto the canvas.

Create a new tag called “Graphly Daily Reminder” and click “Save“. 

Note: You can also use Weekly or Monthly.

Drag a “Sequence” onto the canvas and connect it to your Tag Applied goal.

Inside the sequence, drag a “Delay Timer” onto the canvas.

Configure the delay you desire.

1. Set how long you want to delay between when the tag is applied and this sequence runs. 

2. Choose what days you want this email to send. 

3. Choose the time frame that you would like the email to be sent at. It’s also best to check the box next to “Use contact’s time zone“.

Click “Save“.

Next to the Delay Timer, drag either a “Email” or a “Email (Legacy)” widget onto the canvas. I’ll use a Legacy Email.

Compose your message to the recipient of the email. You can make this as pretty and detailed as you like.

Highlight the word(s) you would like to hyperlink to their Graphly Dashboard and click “Link“.

Paste the public URL into the link box in Infusionsoft and click “Save“.

Change your email from Draft to Ready.

Drag a “Apply/Remove Tag” widget onto the canvas.

Set this to remove the tag that triggers this campaign.

Drag a “Delay Timer” widget onto the canvas, and configure it to run after 1 hour on any day, at any time.

Drag another “Apply/Remove Tag” widget onto the canvas. This time, set it to apply the tag that triggers this campaign. Doing this creates the loop that allows the email to be sent to the recipient repeatedly.

Set the sequence from Draft to Ready.

Now just publish the campaign, and you’re all done!

Apply the tag to anyone that you want to have the dashboard reminder email sent to on a daily basis.