How to Export a CSV of a Graphly Report

This article will cover the process of exporting a CSV file containing the data within a report. Please be aware that currently there is a 75,000 row limit to the export.

Step 1: Generate the CSV Export

To begin, click the icon in the top right of a report and select Export CSV

Step 2: Wait Patiently

A message will appear in the bottom right, indicating that the CSV generation process has begun. While the CSV is being generated, there will be a spinning green icon in the corner of the report that replaces the Export to CSV button. This process can take several minutes, depending on the amount of data being exported.

Step 3: Download that Bad Boy

Once the generation is complete, you will get a message that says your export is ready to be downloaded, and there will be a new ‘Download’ button on the report.

Once you click the download button. Indicate where you would like it to download, then click save.

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