Viewing Graphly inside your Infusionsoft account

Step 1

Download the Graphly extension/plugin for your desired browser.  Click Here to see the instructions on downloading the extension/plugin. If you have already done this go to the next step.

Step 2

Add /graphly to the end of you Infusionsoft URL when you are already signed into infusionsoft. See the example URL below. The data that you configured in Graphly will show immediately. You might notice that the Graphs are already on your homepage when you log in.

Step 3

Graphly should automatically be added as the homepage in your Infusionsoft account. If Graphly is not already set as your homepage and you wish to have graphly as your Infusionsoft homepage  Click Here to see how.

Notice: If you see the words “Page Not Found” Click Here to troubleshoot the issue.