Integrating Google Tag Manager & Web Tracker

This article covers integrating Graphly’s Web Tracker with Google Tag Manager, allowing you to manage your tracking script where you usually manage scripts.

Log in to Google Tag Manager

To begin, click on Add a new tag.

add new tag in google tag manager

Name the tag and then make sure it’s set to Custom HTML Tag.

give the tag a name and select custom html tag

Paste the Graphly Tracking Script

Click continue and then paste the Graphly tracking script into the HTML box. You also need to check the Support document.write box.

click the support document.write checkbox

Click Continue.

click continue

Next you need to set the firing rules. Click to add and set the rule All Pages.

click fire on all pages

Click Create Tag.

click create tag

Publish the Tag

The container tag is not published yet, so go ahead and click Publish.

click the red publish button

Then click Publish Now.

click the red publish now button

Finally, click Done.

click the blue done button

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