How to Integrate Web Tracker & JustUno

This article will show you how to integrate the Graphly Web Tracker with JustUno, allowing you to track the visitors to your promotions.

Log In to JustUno

Log in to JustUno and click Promotions.

click promotions at the top of your justuno account

Edit Your JustUno Promo

Click Edit on the promotion you want to add the Tracking Script.

click the edit button on the promotion you want to track

Then click Edit Design.

click edit design from the drop-down menu

Click the Custom Code button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

click the green custom code button in the top right

Click the Custom Code button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

click the overlayJS tab

Use the Tracking Script provided below to do the next step. Then replace the 8 “X’s” with your account number found within your own Tracking Script from in Graphly.

paste the tracking script form the article into the code box and replace the x's for the account number
    (function(g,r,a,p,h,l,y){g['GraphlyTracking']=h;g[h] = g[h] || function(){
    (g[h].c = g[h].c ||[]).push(arguments)},g[h].t=1*new Date();
    (window,document,'script','//', 'gfly');
    gfly('account', XXXXXXXX)
    gfly('infContactId', '~Contact.Id~')
    function ju_callback(t,email,coupon){
      	gfly('infEmail', email)

Then turn the Override Default JS option to ON.

turn the overrride default js toggle to on

Save & Publish

Click Save, then click Publish.

click the orange save button and the blue publish button

You’re all set! The tracking script should now be running on your JustUno Promotion!

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