Web Tracker & Infusionsoft Web Form

This article will cover integrating Graphly’s Web Tracker with Infusionsoft Web Form.

There are two methods we will be covering. Let’s start with the recommended approach.

In the campaign builder, drag and drop a goal onto the canvas. You can name it anything. Make sure the dropdown says Submits a Web Form.

Click “Save” and then double click on the web form icon to edit the form’s settings. Follow the steps you normally would to include fields, snippets, and styles of your choosing.

After that, click on the “Thank-you” Page tab and change the dropdown menu to Web address.

Enter your thank-you page url and check the Pass contact’s information to the thank-you page box.

Since this is the recommended approach, uncheck the Redirect to thank-you page box.

Now go to the code tab. There are three options; Javascript Snippet, HTML Code, and HTML Code (unstyled). You will want to choose either the second or the third. I’ll select the second. Because you already have the tracking script pasted on your website, there’s nothing more to do in Infusionsoft.

However, if you are dead set on using the Javascript snippet, that brings us to approach number two. Return to the design tab and click on the “Snippets” tab.

Grab an HTML snippet and drag it to the top of the form. Paste the web tracking script from your Graphly account and click “Save“.

Then click on the “Thank-you” Page tab and again drag the HTML snippet to the top of the page and paste the script.

Click “Save” and make sure to toggle your form Draft to Ready.

Go back to the campaign and publish the changes.