How to Set Up the Campaign Email Stats Report

The Campaign Email Stats template displays the Opens, Clicks, and Conversions for each email in a Campaign Sequence. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently this report no longer displays Opened metrics. This is because of a change that email providers have made that doesn’t allow the pixel placed in the email to trigger the Keap automation link that applies the Opened tag.

Search for the Campaign Email Stats Template

To begin, click the “+” icon on your dashboard and type “Campaign” into the search bar. Then click  the “Campaign Email Stats” Widget.

Under Select Widget Template you see 'Campaign Email Stats'

Chart Tab

This report is best viewed as a Column or Bar chart type. I’ll leave mine on Column.

Under the Chart tab you'll see the options for Column or Bar

If you click these check boxes, Graphly will total the Sends, Opens, and Clicks of the Individual emails. This is ideal for rolling up numbers in order to measure the entire performance of an entire sequence. So you may want to name the widget the same name as the sequence in your campaign.

After selecting the chart type, in this case chart, you'll see the Misc options

Options Tab

Now click over to the Options tab. This is where you will add all of the emails you wish to track. You can limit the emails you include to one sequence per widget, or perhaps your campaign is relatively small and you want to add every email in the campaign. Both approaches work, but I personally like to limit it to the sequence and then layout multiple widgets representing all of my sequences in the campaign side by side on a campaign-specific dashboard.

First, you’ll give your email a name. This will likely match the name of your email in Keap, but it doesn’t have to. It will serve as a label for that data in the report.

Under the Options tab you can 'Select Email Tags' and the 'Name of Email'

Next, choose your sent tag.

Here you will choose your 'Sent Tag'

Then do the same thing for your Open tag.

Here you choose your 'Open Tag'

And finally your click tag. Now click build.

Here you choose your 'Click Tag'

Then for your next email you’ll go through the process of Labeling, selecting your tags, and then clicking the build button again. Repeat this process until you have included all of your emails.

If at any point you need to rearrange the order that the emails are displayed, you can drag and drop them into the desired order.

Here under 'Emails'
 you can rearrange the order that the emails are displayed

Next, select the date range you wish to measure based on when the email was sent. You can choose to just display the month as a whole versus breaking it down into days or weeks.

Here you can select the 'Email Sent Date Range'
Here the 'Email Sent Date Range' is set to 'Previous Month' and 'Display Interval' is set to Months

Criteria Builder Tab

For ultimate control and customization, continue using the Criteria Builder to include additional rules and requirements to the report.

Under 'Criteria Builder' you can include any additional rules and requirements

Once you have your criteria set, click Save Preferences on This Widget.

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