How to Configure the Tag Totals Report

The Tag Totals template shows the total number of contacts that have a specific tag or tags.

Search for the Tag Totals Template

To begin, click the + icon on your dashboard and search for the words tag totals in the search bar.

search for tag totals in the template library

Chart Tab

Display Type

First, select your Display type. In this example I’ll select bar.

select bar or column as the display type


By selecting the check box Show Sum of Tag Totals, you will see the sum of all the tag totals for each tag you select.

check this box to display the number in the top right of the report

Options Tab

Select Tags

On the Options tab, Simply type in the tag(s) you would like to include and click Add.

select the tag you want to track and click add

Click the pencil icon to edit the display label for the tag within the widget.

rename the tag by clicking the pencil icon

Criteria Builder

Date Range (Optional)

If you stop now, you will see a count for your tags. Not taking into account any sort of time frame. If you’d like to specify a date range for when the tags were applied, go to the Criteria Builder tab. Select from Tags >> Tag Applied >> Choose your Date method.

use the criteria builder to filter the report

For ultimate control and customization, continue using the Criteria Builder to include additional rules and requirements to the report.

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