How to set up the Note Funnel Report

The Note Funnel report displays a funnel that breaks down the conversion rate between note records.

Display Tab

Chart Type

The only display type for this report is Funnel.

Show Totals

  • Show Total Funnel Conversion: This shows the total conversion in the funnel from the first note to the last note.
  • Show Total Funnel Conversion Percentage: This shows the total conversion percentage from the first note to the last note.
  • Notes for Each Stage: Shows the number of notes in each stage of the funnel.
  • Show Conversion For Each Stage: This shows the conversion of a given note from the first note in the funnel.
  • Show Conversion From Previous Stage: This shows the conversion of a given note from the note before it.

Settings Tab

Build Funnel

Set the search requirements for each note and give it a label. You can use the note Title, Description, or Type as search criteria. Repeat this step for each segment in the funnel.

If necessary, you can drag and drop the segments into a different order.


Choose one of two options in this section:

  • Give Attribution to skipped notes: Display contacts in previous stages of the funnel even if they do not have a note from those stages.
  • Do NOT give attribution to skipped notes: This setting will only show contacts in stages that they actually have the required note for that stage.

Note Created Between

Here you will set the date range for entrance into the funnel. There are many date options to choose from. The “Stop Measuring Funnel on” setting is for allowing contacts who had notes applied later in the date range more time to progress through the funnel, without allowing more contacts into the funnel.

Note Options

  • Require the FIRST not to be applied first (Most Common): This option makes it a requirement for the contact to receive the first note in the funnel before the other notes are applied. Contacts who receive the first note after any of the others will not be included in the report.
  • Show note totals within the date range, regardless of the oder in which they were applied: This option will allow all contacts with any of the notes applied within the date range to be included in the results.

Filters Tab

For ultimate control and customization, use Filters to include additional rules and requirements to the report.

Once you have your everything set, click Save changes on this report.

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