Opportunities Behind Pace

This Template reveals opportunity records that have not moved out of a stage beyond the stages target number of days, or in other words, opportunities that are not progressing through the sales process as expected.

To begin, click the “+” icon on the Dashboard and type “behind pace” into the search bar. Then select the “Opportunities Behind Pace” template.

The display type for this report is Bar Combo, you can select the Stacked setting for a more compact view.

Then you can choose to show the Total Revenue and/or the Total Opportunities.

Now go to the “Options” page.

The numbers in red are the current infusionsoft settings for the target number of days for each stage, if you would like to change them, click the “link” and then click the “refresh” icon.

Now select your intervals, or the timeframe beyond the target number of days. The last interval will be the catch-all, and will contain all opportunities beyond that time frame.

Now you have a few options for what is displayed depending on whether you record revenue within opportunities or not.

If you don’t record revenue you can just record the number of slipping opportunities.

If you do then you can display only the revenue or both the revenue and number of slipping opportunities.

Now you can decide if you want to group them by Sales Stage, Sales Rep, or not at all.

For ultimate control and customization click the “Criteria Builder” tab.

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