Email Engagement Rate By Email Service Provider

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently this report no longer displays Opened metrics. This is because of a change that email providers have made that doesn’t allow the pixel placed in the email to trigger the Infusionsoft automation link that applies the Opened tag.

This template shows the rate of engagement of leading email domains in your database.

From the chart tab you’ll see this report is displayed as a bar.

Below the chart type we have the ability to show the average engagement rate by checking this box.

Now let’s head over to the “Options” tab.

First we need to define engagement as Open, a click, or both. The most common is both.

Next, we will select the number of sources. A number between 5 and 10 usually suffices.

By default this report will only take into account email statuses that are considered Marketable. To include all email statuses, check this box.

For ultimate control and customization, use the Criteria Builder.

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