How to Configure the Compare Tags Report

This template allows you to compare the number of contacts with tags to each other or group tags and compare them to the entire list.

Search for the Template

To begin, click the “+” icon on the Dashboard and type compare into the search bar. Then select the Compare Tags template.

search for the compare tags report

Chart Tab

Display Type

There is only one display type which is Pie.

select the display type from the drop-down

Options Tab

Select Tags

Navigate to the Options tab and select the tags you want to track.

search for the tags you want to track and click add

Comparison Method

Next choose how you want to compare your selected tags. The second option will always result in two pie segments.

select the comparison method

Date Range

Now choose the date range. It’s recommended to only use a date range when comparing the tags to each other.

select the date range you wish to see for the report

Criteria Builder Tab

For ultimate control and customization, use the Criteria Builder to include additional rules and requirements to the report.

use the criteria builder to filter the report further

Once you have your everything set, click Save Preferences on This Widget.

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