Email List Health

This template shows you the overall health and marketability of your email list.

To begin, click the “+” icon on the Dashboard and type “health” into the search bar. Then select the “Email List Health” template.

There is only one option for the chart type, which is pie.

Navigate to the Options tab and select your comparison type. The first four options will always result in a pie chart with two slices.

Marketable VS Unmarketable helps you identify what percentage of your list you can reach via email versus those you can’t.

Engaged VS Unengaged shows you who is opening and clicking versus those who aren’t. 

Confirmed VS Unconfirmed gives you insight on how well you’re doing on getting subscribers to confirm.

Spam VS Unsubscribed gives insight into the mood and behavior of your subscribers at the time that they depart your list.

The next two options allow you to individually select email statuses we want to compare.

The first of these two options will group those selected statuses and compare them against all other email statuses.

The second of the two will compare selected statuses to each other.

Hovering over slices will give you a percentage of the pie and the number of contacts with that status.

You can also deselect the statuses in the legend.

If you wish to see the contacts that represent a status you can click on the slice of pie with that status to see the details.

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