How to Configure the Subscription Stick Rate Report

This template shows the stick rate of existing customers who started the date range with an active subscription.

Chart Tab

Display Type

From the chart tab, you’ll see there are various chart options. You can choose from Line, Area, Column, Bar, Spline and Area Spline. This only affects how the report displays, and doesn’t affect the data in any way.

select how you want the report to display from the chart type box


Below the chart type, we have the ability to show the overall average by checking the Show Overall Average box. This will display the average retention rate for the date range in the top right-hand corner of the report.

Options Tab

Now let’s go to the Options tab.


First, we’ll select the subscription we would like to measure. You can select All Subscription is you want to measure the Stick Rate across your entire Keap Application.

select the subscriptions you want to track from the drop down on the options tab

Cancellation Date

Next, select the cancellation date. You would want to use Next Bill Date if your customers pay for services in advance. Last Bill Date is for if customers pay for your service only after receiving the service for the billing period. You will only want to select End Date if you are manually entering the End Date in the subscription when a customer cancels.

click the radio button for the date option you wish to use under the cancellation date section

Date Range

Lastly, select the date range. There are dozens of options to choose from here, so choose the range that best suites your needs. The Display Interval can be set to Days, Weeks, or Months. Typically, larger date ranges will look best in months, while smaller date ranges look best in Days or Weeks.

select the date range and display interval you wish to see for the report from the drop down menus

Criteria Builder Tab

For ultimate control and customization, use the Criteria Builder. Think of the Criteria Builder as a Filter. For example, if you wanted to Display the Subscription Stick Rate across your Keap account, but only for those that have the Member tag, you could set the Criteria Builder like this:

Select From: Contacts >> Select Field: Tags >> Select Method: Contains Any >> Value: Member

Simplified, this would look like:

Select from Contacts who’s Tags Contain the Member tag.

use the criteria builder to customize the report by filtering down the data

Make sure to click the Save Preferences button down at the bottom of the configuration window.

Congratulations, you have configured the Subscription Stick Rate report.

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