How to Configure the Subscription Stick Rate by Age Report

This template shows the stick rate of existing customers grouped by successful billing cycles.

Chart Tab

Chart Type

From the chart type, you’ll see that this is a bar combo.

only bar combo is an option for the display


Below that, we have the ability to show the overall average by checking this box.

check the show overall average box to display it in the  top right of the report

Options Tab

Now let’s go to the Options tab.

Age Intervals

First, we will select the intervals we wish to look at.

select your desired age intervals from the drop down


Next, we will select the subscriptions we would like to measure.

select the subscriptions you want to track

Cancellation Date

Finally, we will select our cancelation date. Choose Next Bill Date if customers pay in Advance for your services. Choose Last Bill Date if customers pay for services after they have been rendered. Select End Date only if you specify manually when a customer’s subscription has ended.

select the radio button for the cancellation date you want to use

Criteria Builder Tab

For ultimate control and customization, use the “Criteria Builder“.

create criteria to filter the report even further

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