How to Configure the Daily Email Activity Report

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently this email engagement report no longer displays Opened metrics. This is because of a change that email providers have made that doesn’t allow the pixel placed in the email to trigger the Keap automation link that applies the Opened tag.

This template shows you the best days of the week to send emails to your specific lists.

Display Tab

This report is displayed as a Heat Map.

Settings Tab

Go to the Settings tab. First, choose all of your open or click tags that you wish to measure.

The Separate Tag Totals checkbox greatly impacts the appearance of this report. If you check the box, the chart will look similar to the example on the Chart tab with the emails separate along the left side of the graph. If you leave it unchecked you’ll have a single row joining all of the emails together which would give you a big picture view. This setting just depends on what you’re looking for.

Next, define the time frame you wish to look at based on when the open or click took place. Essentially, when the tag got applied.

Filters Tab

For ultimate control and customization, continue use Filters to include additional rules and requirements to the report. This way you can filter results based on any field in the contact record.

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