Value Per Lead by Lead Source

This template gives you clarity into how much a lead is worth x number of days, weeks, or months after they are created as a contact in your system.

To begin, click the “+” icon on your Dashboard and type value in the search bar. Then select the “Value/Lead By Lead Source” template.

There are four chart types I will select Area. You can also choose to stack the data by clicking the box.

You have the option to display the two averages of your data by clicking the “Show Total Number box“.

Navigate to the “Options” Tab and input the lead sources you wish to measure and decide how long you want to track revenue.

Next, determine your revenue calculation. You can either select “Use Invoice Totals” or “Use Payments Totals“.

Now you need to tell Graphly when to begin counting data as well as when to display it. This is done in the Contact created from area.

Lastly, select which value to show. There are three options: Show the value per lead, Show the value per customer, or Show both.

For ultimate control and customization, use the “Criteria Builder” to include additional rules and requirements to the report.

Lastly, feel free to set alerts in the Alerts tab for if your values rise above, or fall below a threshold of your choosing.

Once you have your alerts set, click “Save Preferences” on this Widget.

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