How to set up the Time Between Date Field and Tag Leaderboard

The Time Between Date Field and Tag Leaderboard displays the time between a selected Date Field and a Tag sorted by a field on the contact record.

Chart Tab

The only display type for this report is Leaderboard.

Leaderboard selected as chart type

Options Tab

Date and Date Range

Select the Date field you want to track and the range for the date field you selected.

date field and date range


Now select the Tag(s) you want to track to complete the goal.

tag field blank


Now choose the contact field to group the contacts by.

owner highlighted as field to sort by


Give a label for your leaders.

leaders labeled as winners

Choose whether the leaders have the higher number or the lower number.

highest is leader

Choose how many leaders you want to see, up to 50. Then select an outlier. (Customers that take an unusually long time to convert)

10 leaders and outlier of 15 days.

Criteria Builder Tab

For Ultimate control and customization, use the Criteria Builder to set additional rules and requirements for the report.

criteria builder settings

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