How to set up the Revenue by Custom Field with Revenue Ranges Report

The Revenue by Custom field with Revenue Ranges report displays the money stored in a custom field of a contact, grouped into ranges, and sorted by your sales reps.

Chart Tab

On the chart tab, choose the display type for the report. You can check the “Stacked” box in order to stack the columns for each date range interval. Check the “Show Total Number” box to display the total for the whole date range in the top right of the report.

Bar chart, not stacked, not displaying the total number.

Options Tab

Sales Reps

Select the sales reps to add to this report.

no sales reps selected

Revenue Field

Select the field where the revenue of the contact is stored.

no revenue field selected.

Criteria Builder Tab

For Ultimate control and customization, use the Criteria Builder to set additional rules and requirements for the report.

criteria builder settings

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