Opportunity Attribution

This template allows you to measure specific sources, campaigns, mediums, audiences, and ads responsible for opportunities being created in your Infusionsoft account.

DISCLAIMER: To get the greatest value from this report, you must have  Graphly’s  Web Tracker set up and be utilizing UTM parameters in all of your links; whether they’re emails, ads, social posts, etc.

To begin, click the “+” icon on the Dashboard and type “opportunity attribution” into the search bar. Then click on the “Opportunity Attribution” template.

There are two chart types, column and bar.

Now navigate to the “Options” tab and select the UTM parameter you want to measure as well as the UTM value.

Then select whether you want attribution measured by the Most Recent UTM or Original UTM.

You can also limit the time frame in which we attribute credit to a particular UTM.

Next, define what you’re looking for in the results. You can select Count the number of opportunities, Sum estimated high, Sum estimated low, Sum estimated average, Sum selected products, or Sum total from custom field.

Then select your date range.

Lastly, this report also has an “Advanced” tab for seasoned advertisers who really want to customize the logic of how top results or bottom results are calculated. Most users will choose “Use Default Settings“.

For ultimate control and customization, use the “Criteria Builder” to include additional rules and requirements to the report.