Facebook CAC vs EPC

This template allows you tp compare the cost to acquire a customer or the customer acquisition cost to your earnings per customer, revealing your true ROI.

From the Chart tab you’ll see this chart is a Bar Combo.

Below that, we have the ability to show the total cost, revenue, leads and ROI by checking these boxes.

Now let’s head to the “Options” tab.

First we have to select the Facebook account we would like to build the report for.

Next, we can narrow our results by looking at specific campaigns, ad sets and ads.

Next, we will choose our date range for when money was spent on ads.

Now lets go to the “Revenue” Options tab.

This tab pulls in revenue recorded in infusionsoft. We can calculate revenue using Invoices, Opportunity records or both.

Under the Invoice options we have Invoice Total or Total Paid.

Under the “Opportunity Options“, we can use the selected Products on the opportunity, use the projected high, use the projected low, use the average of the projected low and high, or use the opportunity custom field with value.

To add additional specifications to your report use the “Criteria Builder“.