How to Set Up the Facebook CPM/CPP Report

This template shows the average cost for 1,000 impressions. vs the average cost to reach 1,000 people, otherwise known as CPM/CPP

Chart Tab

CPM/CPP – Display Type

In the chart tab you’ll see there are six display types.

options for the display type of the cpm/cpp chart

CPM/CPP – Miscellaneous

We have the ability to show the overall average in the top right corner by checking this box.

checkbox to display the average in the top right-hand of the cpm/cpp report

Options Tab

Now let’s head over to the Options tab.

CPM/CPP – Facebook Options

First, we need to select the account you want to build the report for.

select the ad account you want to pull from on the cpm/cpp report

Next, we can narrow our results by looking at specific campaigns, adsets, and ads.

select the campaign, adsets, and ads, you want to pull from on the cpm/cpp report

Under the Aggregate data section, a unique line will be created for the option we select.

choose whether you want to aggregate the data by ad account campaign ad set or ad

Date Range

On the right hand side, we will choose the date range we want to display.

select the date range you want to display

Criteria Builder Tab

For ultimate control and customization, use the Criteria Builder tab. This allows you to filter the report down even further.

use the criteria builder to filter the report down further

Congratulations, you have now configured the Facebook CPM/CPP report.

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