Page Abandonment

This template is used to uncover visitors to your site that have been in your shopping cart, order form, checkout page, or if you want; your opt-in page.

To begin, click the “+” icon on the Dashboard and type “abandonment” in the search bar. Then select the “Page Abandonment” template.

The chart type for this report is Bar Combo.

If you check the “Show Average Abandonment Rate” box, the average abandonment rate for the specified date range will be shown in the top-right corner.

Now navigate to the “Options” tab. The first step here is to paste in the full url of the page you want measured.

Then paste in the url of the success or thank-you page the visitor will see after taking the desired action.

Next, choose you date range.

Now you can use the “Criteria Builder” tab to make tons of reports with this single report template. The Web Tracker table allows us to narrow down web tracker accounts, Web Tracker Visits allows you to specify UTM data or visit length, and the Web Tracker Pages allows you to select specific domains or paths. And, of course, theres’s always the ability to add criteria from the contact record. Just know that by doing so, you’ll limit the results to visits made by visitors who also have a contact record in your Infusionsoft account.

Once you’ve got all that set, click on the blue button at the bottom to save your preferences for this widget.

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